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What to do in a bad weather day in Empordà
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The weather on the Costa Brava is usually very pleasant with warm winds, endless sunny days and very little rain. On occasions when the weather is not in our usual sunny weather, when one has to admit that it happens, what are we going to do if the weather doesn't suit golf or visiting the beach?

Even when the weather is clear on the Costa Brava, there are always times when you want to do something other than golf or play on the golden sands of the beach. Here are 3 special things you can do if the weather on the Costa Brava doesn't match the usual sunny self.


1. Plan a trip to the historic city of Girona.

Girona is the capital of the province of Costa Brava and originated in its past. The famous local writer Josep Pla calls Girona a "small and delicate city", which is a good description.

Girona is often considered by national surveys to be the most widespread residence in Spain and is modernizing as a dynamic and prosperous university town, while preserving its unique historical and cultural heritage. . With a beautiful old quarter, world-famous culinary traditions with a Michelin-starred restaurant, El Cellar de Can Roca and a lively nightlife, Gerona is an example of all that the Costa Brava has to offer.


2. Dalí's Triangle

Dali's triangle shows the best of one of the sons of the Costa Bravas. Salvador Dalí, whether you love him or hate him, has definitely left a unique legacy in the world in the form of three different museums.

Casa-Museu Dali has been Dali's main residence for almost 50 years. Booking here is a must, but it's worth trying to explore the labyrinth effect created from the original fishing hut and the subsequent purchase of the surrounding huts.

The unique Teatre-Museu is easy because in Dalis's own words "not just a museum, but a monument to the senses" and this feeling of uniqueness begins from the moment you open your eyes on the unique facade with a beautiful giant, creamy sitting egg. enhance the appearance of hairy red walls. The third side of the triangle is Castell Gala-Dali, named after Dalis' Russian wife Gala. The clever Dali even managed to make a niche in the Salo del Piano - the piano room - as a radiator, because Gala ordered to cover all the radiators in the castle!


3. Visit the medieval prison museum in Castelló d'Empúries.

It should be in the newest museum on the Costa Brava. On the walls of this small prison you can see 500 years of graffiti, which is incomparable with the large cathedral church in the center of this small village. Earlier attempts to become the center of attention of the region were lost, but this impressive church left us with an unfinished bell tower, a unique double baptistery and a high alabaster altar. Take a look at this unique medieval building and think about how it was built.


The sun came up. It won't stay wet long - just enough to experience another aspect of this fascinating area of ​​Spain called the Costa Brava with more sun, sea and golf.