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Empordà, a wine region
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There is no doubt that the wine culture and knowledge of the wine trade Catalonia in the 6th century BC. This area was once the most important Greek colony in Spain, and Emporiae was a Greek city that later gave its name to the Empordà district. Four centuries later, there is archaeological and documentary evidence that wines in the Emporiae and other Tarraconensis regions were known at local markets in other provinces of the Roman Empire and in the metropolis itself.

Nowadays, the Empordà region offers us many different wines.

Red wines are high quality, full, well set and harmonious, sometimes with extra colors due to careful maturation. These reserve and crianza wines have special aromas. They are complex, with a delicate aroma and hint of herbs, they always retain the aroma of fruit and vines. The tastes are full, tasty and pleasant.

Fresh and delicious white wines are decorated with original varieties and other high quality that are unique.

Rose wines are also produced with a well-pronounced cherry color, good personality, delicate aroma, fresh with a moderate alcohol content.

The specialty of this area is Garnatxa de l'Emporda, a natural sweet wine made from Garnacha grapes. Full, with the taste of the grapes themselves, ripe, warm and smooth - the characteristics that give it the features of a unique dessert wine, along with areas with its own sweet wine, Emperor Moscatell.

Organic wines, Mistelles, wines made from overripe grapes and sparkling wines complement the range of wines designed by Empordà.

You can taste them all in our restaurants or living a unique experience enjoying a wine tasting during your stay at Hotel Terraverda.